Stephanie Bendixsen

- Writer / Presenter -


Steph began her career in media hosting and reviewing games for ABCTV's Good Game - and has since gone on to become a regular speaker at events surrounding video games and women in the online space. She regularly live streams on Twitch, has written a series of books for children: Pixel Raiders - published by Scholastic Australia, and she is currently presenting for Seven Network’s video game culture and esports show, screenPLAY.

Stephanie has always been heavily immersed in all aspects of geek culture. She enjoys playing video games, science fiction, fantasy, tech, food, hiking, collecting swords and figurines and travelling as often as possible. She is also a dedicated servant to her two feline overlords, Gandalf and Merlin - and new puppy Skadi.


Ben Shackleford

- Company Director -

From an early age, Ben was most passionate about two things; comic books and chocolate flavored breakfast cereal. Quickly realizing that he was unable to make a career from reading Batman and eating CoCo Pops, he turned his hand to the television industry. Working across a broad range of programming including lifestyle, constructed reality, documentary,  branded, children's and scripted content, Ben feels most enthused when developing new and engaging ideas that can live across platforms. As the landscape of the Australian media scene changes dramatically, he is very interested in developing innovative ways to connect and communicate with new audiences. He is also still very serious about Batman and cereal.